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Yamamura horns

I have visited Pietro again a year after my first visit, he is now a Goldmund distributor and has added the Prologue to his collection of Apologue, Yamamura, Vivid G1, and Montagna.

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Had a fun audiophile weekend. Saturday morning I went to a town 1 hour from Milan, to meet a gentleman who is the on the What’sbestforum as Pepe1. Pietro is not very active on the forum, but has been an active audiophile for the past 50 years.

For example, he once owned an Apogee full range with 2 Krells for the bass, a 4-box Jadis JA 500 for the mids, and a 4-box Jadis Ja 200 for the top, with Levinson crossovers.

Apogee Full Range, Jadis JA 200, Krell

Since then, his system has changed, and he has set up the prefect system – which is multiple systems each with a different presentation suited to different types of music.

His 5th system is Vivid Giya G1 with Halcro, which I was unable to get a listen to as it’s on his lakehouse.
Yamamura, GP Monaco, Zyx, GrahamGP Monaco 1.0His top system, which he has set up more for Jazz and small ensemble classical, is a GPA Monaco 1.0 with Graham Phantom II and Zyx Diamond G, FMA 122 phono, going into Yamamura electronics and cables with Yamamura horns

What also stood out how, even at low volumes, they fill up the room, there is music everywhere, and you get low level details. There is immediacy and a musicality that can be heard in a very relaxing fashion, lounging or walking around

I have never heard bass trombone and tuba like with the Yamamuras. The midbass and bass is just amazing, in this seamless, crossoverless speaker. The other thing this system is the best at, is the swell of the music, the bloom, of even the smallest details. As music rises and falls, you can hear the system breathing. One of my favourites for this breathing effect is Bydlo, from Pictures at an Exhibition. Rubinstein’s piano was the best along with the Bionor and the Silvercore horns. The Yams seem to have higher resolution and extension than the more vintage speakers, while the vintage speakers which run with SETs instead of the SS that Yamamura uses have a marginally more midrange bloom. All these big horns are extremely strong off axis, and room friendly as long as you have a big room, i.e. you need space, but the shape and room treatment is less important as compared to a cone or panel speaker. Pietro has set up his system for small scale chamber and jazz, and with the GPA Monaco 1 and Zyx’s top Diamond is forms the best speaker system I have heard along with the Apogee Grands. Mike Lavigne’s room is still better, but like I said, it is tough to isolate his components from the room, tweaks, and set up he has done. I must congratulate Pietro on this.

The Yams have evolved over the models and Pietro has the top model, made out of fibreglass, covered with thick cork. Some of the older ones had copper.

This model the Yamamura Dionisio has improved low frequencies by the back horn that is about 18 feet long. The declared efficency is 96 dB/W/meter maximum power they can support 40 watts
With the “big mouth” (there is also a smaller one) of 6 feet x 6 feet the lowest frequency they can reproduce (declared) 27 Hertz at – 2 dB

Yamamura, GP Monaco, Zyx, Graham

Goldmund Apologue

His second system more for rock and big symphony, is comprised of the Goldmund Apologue driven by 25w Kondo Gakuon 845s and Versa dynamics TT with a Kondo cart. The TT is amazing…tap it while it’s playing and no jumps, such is the suspension. Goldmund Apologue are 100 db, built like a tank, chassis made to kill vibrations…the amp is kondo gakuon 845. Versa dynamics TT, which doesn’t skip even if you tap it while it’s playing, such is the air suspension. It had a kondo cartridge. TEAC tape player

Interestingly Frank, another audiophile I visited in Oxford with the Tune audio Anima also has the Goldmund Epilogue, smaller version of the Apologue, and said that the other TT he considered before buying his Goldmund reference was the Versa dynamics



Goldmund Prologue

Goldmund Prologue

These with Thorens Acrylic platter, Da Vinci Grandezza tonearm, and Jan Allaerts playing through a Shindo phono/pre and the Goldmund amps had an excellent musical soundstage.

We then went over to his neighbour, who has the JBL Pro 4520 with Project Sphinx hybrid amp (the same that I heard on Apogee full range and Acoustat 2 + 2). Imagine two such audiophiles a block from each other.?

Unfortunately while we heard the digital, his Basis TT with Air tangent arm and Clearaudio Reference was not working, nor was his tape player…oh well, next time. Pepe1 has a friend a few miles on who owns the Western Electric 15A, so worth a revisit at some point.

JBL 4520

JBL 2395 Acoustic Lens

JBL 2395 Acoustic Lens