Montagna Speakers, CH Precision Stack

Montagna CH Precision

Gianluigi himself is a wiki of information – do pay close attention to his recommendations, even though english is not the strongest point. These are just some of the crazy systems he has set up over almost 45 years – he has been the first in Italy to own Audio Research decades ago, then the first to own Soundlabs. Below you see a Soundlabs with bridged Mark Levinsons biamping it (4 blocks). You see loads of Audio Tekne and CH Precision. These guys used to do constant shootouts to the nth detail – Jadis JA30 vs 80 vs 200 vs 500 – you name it. They would exchange Western Electric and/or Wilson Alexandria between themselves. All in the neighbourhood. These guys between themselves have loads of experience, and great ears. On most forums, owning Soundlabs and Alexandrias is a dream set up, and people are not sure about the amps. But these guys went through the motions 20 years ago biamping and triamping it.

Without getting into details, his history can be summarized as Audio research sp 10+ 250,Krell 100 mono, IMF, Magneplanar, quad 63, Acoustat 2+2, Apogee duetta, Martin logan, Tympany IVA, Mark Levinson, Cello, Rowland, YBA – wait, let’s not get carried away.

And if you though that was extreme enough, his AudioNote history alone is M7, M10, Gakuon, 2 ongakus, Neiro Silver, Kageki, Baransu, and 2 Sougas. I guess each is a dream component for some of the readers.

His Soundlab A1s biamped wit ML monos.

His extreme Audio Tekne systems

Audio TekneAudio Tekne2Audio Tekne3

After going through Audio Tekne, Kondo, and Gryphon, Gian has now ended up with a CH Precision system with 98.5db Montagna speakers. These gorgeous looking speakers are made in Italy and also owned by Yamamura horns owner and Goldmund distributor Pietro. They are extremely clean sounding, fast, and with well integrated bass that hits you hard. Don’t expect the midrange to sound rolled off, or warm. There is no colour. High extensions with quick and snappy, hard hitting brass, backed by an equally responsive bass.

Gian Montagna

The magnets are made in Maxalco and construction includes carbon fibre, you can see details of construction at

With the CH precision, he prefers the M1 on the bass and the A1 on the tweeter, and the P1 phono. He prefers the CH to his previous triodes, as it lets him enjoy the magic with a cleaner sound and better extensions. He is aware there is improvement to be done by treating his new, big and bare room, moving out his rack from the middle, and trying to get less room reflections.

I will be going back to compare the Bergmann to the Schopper 124 after he receives it.

Meanwhile, we were able to compare the Bergman with the Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement through the CH Precision phono and the Studer. Ah well, Studer won…just more real, body, everything.

I expect to do more write-ups on this system