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Apogee Duetta Lampi

When I went to audition Grant’s Apogee Duettas in NY, he had a Lampi Big 7 with 300b Sophias. No way was I going to listen on 300bs, so I packed my 242 valves in (this was highly inconvenient as I had to check in a bag because of the valves, otherwise I could have gone over only with hand luggage). Grant subsequently ordered the 242s, because he hadn’t heard his system sound like that – and he probably has the best Duetta Signatures made. I rate this as the top small room I have been in.

This is his post Link

“Hello Ked, and all; I’ve been following much of the Lampi related threads here for awhile and wanted to chime in again with a few of my own recent experiences. After your visit here Ked, I could not get the sound of those KR 242’s out of my mind. When I had first told you my Big 7 was equipped with an EML Mesh 5u4G and a pair of Sophia 300B Carbons you said you would bring your own DHT’s [the 242’s] when you visited. With the 242’s installed my system was ‘Gushing’ with vibrancy, dynamics, bass extension I’ve never known, and a soundstage with such presence I remember we were both looking at each other in almost stunned disbelief.

Well it has taken me a while, and I have added a few noteworthy tweaks in the interim *, but I finally purchased my very own pair of brand new KR 242’s [thank you Lukasz!].
And they ARE Stunning! I’ll say it again: Stunning.

I read everyone’s opinions and experiences with the PX4 and PX25 and I was truly tempted to choose either of them but that memory of that day just couldn’t be shaken. I checked with Lukasz and asked his thoughts on it. I told him what I remembered from that [barely 3-4 hour listening session] and how we were both so blown away… and he reminded me how personal opinions and experiences may abound but if hearing it in one’s own system can truly prove a unique synergy… then there is NO better deciding factor…and so “I knew what I must do”. As of this writing they’ve been ON for 26 hours…My listening was done with barely 2 hours’ warm-up.

I’m giving them another day or two then ‘going back in’ [to the listening room!] and will undoubtedly be pinching myself again in disbelief.”


Apogee - Graz


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