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Vivid Giya G1, Luxman M800, Ypsilon Aelius

Microsorbers and PYT Audio panels

I visited Joel, a 6 moons reviewer, and editor of his own magazine – his room is a square 7m * 7m, with a sloping…

YG Hailey, Boulder 2160, Burmester 911

YG Hailey and Amps for YGs

I was interested in investigating SS amps to run restored Apogees.  Then I had no idea about how a Luxman sounds and it was at the…

Lampizator Lampi Big 7, GG, Golden Gate


A few years ago I owned the AR Dac 8, and had ABed it against Weiss, Meitner, CAD, and Auralic Vega. While digital sounds different,…

Thorens Reference

Thorens Reference

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Voxative Ampeggio Due

Voxativ Ampeggio Due

These retail for USD 100kish High WAF, as they go flat to the wall, like 4 inch wide TV screens. Reflective front surface you can…