Beethoven Video Challenge

Use your mobile phones to record videos playing Beethoven on any system of your choice

Above 3 were TAD 4003 dual FLH from Leif. The Beethoven Cello Sonata is Hoelscher and Elly Ney. Below is Rostropovich Richter on Philips, second edition on Universum with Audio Detail 101d phono and preamp, and GM70 14 watt amp (which is a bit lesser drive for them yet very musical). On a TT + arm that costs 4k, with a Hana ML cartridge

The two violin concerto videos are on the same set up but with more powerful Ming Da amps. We were doing some experiments and made this a bit laid back, but suffice to say on older uni videos as evidenced with the same set up on my YT channel much more energy can be easily injected. Despite the laid backness, the below sounds awesome. Ambience of the concert hall is audible as it is a live recording.

With the third movement, so important to capture the transition. Andras Schiff, when he plays the piano concertos live, performs small pieces of the movements before starting the concerto, and provides commentary on those pieces. However, before the starting the Emperor, while he spoke about the transition to the third movement, he said I cannot perform it before the actual concerto, as you should get to hear the transition only once, it is that important.

I think same goes with the Violin concerto. The transition is so important, and while listening the whole thing live or on this record, it gives goose flesh as the third movement announces itself.

Vyger Atlantis and Red Sparrow playing the same concert on Cessaro Zeta, driven by Trafomatic Elysium, via the Thrax Orpheus

From concert hall live performance, we move to a studio recording of Heifetz preforming the Kreutzer on a Cisco reissue (pretty close to the original, latter is better, but more pricey). Simple Denon DP 100 at Sallingboe Audio in Denmark, with Ikeda 407, Ikeda 9TT, Allnic 8000 (top model, DHT phono), and TAD 2402 clones from Thailand, Zaika 300b amps and bespoke preamp.

Some piano concertos below

The Beethoven 5th gives me goose bumps

Below are entire concerts. Enjoy when you have time.

Here’s the whole violin concerto again

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