TAD 4003 dual FLH continued

in 2020 a month before the first lockdown I wrote on the dual FLH TAD 4003 system from Leif. I have yet to visit him again to hear all the significant changes, but either in the older or the more recent version, a couple of things stand out.

  1. This is a system that runs on 7 watts 300b. You can use your choice of voicing for it – Mastersound, New Audio Frontier, Lamm, Kondo, you choose…2a3, GM70, 211, EIMAC tubes, push pull EL84, the big disadvantage is you won’t stop rolling amps if you are so inclined.
  2. It plays all genres with aplomb. When a horn does approx. 110db till 75 Hz then the bass horn does 100 db @ 30 and 92 db @ 15 hz, that is easy. Rest is voicing

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