Dalby Record Weight

Dalby Record weight

One of my favorite tweaks in hifi is the Dalby Record Weight. If you feel holier than thou about tweaks and have supreme insight into neutrality and coloration, please look at the pics and move on. I owned the Dalby Lignum Vitae D8, an unique 8 chamber one that is now parked with my friend till I take it back. Tang was kind of enough to post me his newer Dalby for compare. The newer one is lighter, smaller. I took it the same day I received it to Howard (system here) on his gorgeous Brinkmann Balance, one of my favorite tables

Here are the two Dalbys on top of each other – just posing for the pic, we did not play them that way

Dalby Lignum VItae

I have tried my Dalby (Ligum Vitae D8) on:

Unsuspended tables – Brinkmann Balance, Bergmann Sindre in a couple of systems, Torqeo,

Suspended tables or ones with Vacuum – Vyger, Technics sp10 mk2 on a plinth on springs, Townsend rock, Techdas AF3, Micro Seiki SL 111 which has a vacuum – It worked without the vacuum, with the vacuum had marginal benefit

Immediately, I received a few pics from one of the world’s biggest analog collector, Mad Mik.

Here is his Lignum Vitae collection

The black disc is an ebony disc. Both the black and the silver disc ones are broader and have titanium balls to decouple as shown below

The above are made out of Lignum Vitae wood. The two below are made of Ebony wood

I haven’t heard Mik’s, but all these are supposed to be different sounding. One could compare each one and write pages about which is more dynamic, which has more air, etc, truth is, they will work differently on different turntables, and most will work brilliantly. It is possible that the smallest, lightest would be better on suspended ones. There is also a Dalby Pirueta now. Don’t be the under the assumption newer is better. Try if you can on your table, but make sure to try them whenever you get a chance. For me it’s a must have, and I am not letting mine go, especially as the Brinkmann with the Dalby on it is as much as I desire. I could always cut costs with a Bergmann Sindre plus Dalby, or if you have the money, CS Port or any of your unsuspended tables with a Dalby. Or mount a linear tracker on the Brinkmann with a Dalby. Hey, my other favorite table, Vyger, does not work with the Dalby due to suspension and vacuum.

Many audiophiles I have met who like the sound cannot reconcile themselves to paying up for a clamp or a weight, but the truth is there are a few good carts and phonos out there that you can replace, but the Dalby is not easy to substitute. I had the Allnic 7000 phono, I really like it, but I sold it, as I can replace it or get some other one. And there are better phonos if you pay up more, including from Allnic itself. The Dalby though, is not easy to substitute. Some might think the Dalby is too much seasoning for their steak, but they are just being vegan.

Oh Mik has a 6th but what’s the fun in the picture of one?

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